G42 Leadership Academy

This morning I was reminded of the authority we have been given to be a catalyst of change. When we make God’s domain more about HIM and less of ourselves we have succeeded in the mission of building His Kingdom. We are commanded to prepare earth by being God’s representatives and this is exactly why I feel called to G42. On the race I saw and experienced lots of things- things I can’t explain, but things I can change. Even since being home even, my eyes have been opened in Dallas alone. We can make a difference.

BUT I can’t do it alone!

Here is my blog about exactly what G42 is in case you missed out. In short, it is a 6 month leadership academy in Mijas, Spain. This is a school that will mentor and develop the dreams that are being sprung forth in my life. The program would not end after 6 months. It would only be the beginning of a lifetime of ministry God has called me into.

The total cost of this school is $8,000
$6,000 (room, board, mentors, food)
$2,000 (flights to and from Spain)

That’s 26 weeks.
182 days.

**You can donate 1 of 2 ways**
If you’d like to join me, you can: sponsor me for one day: $44, sponsor me for one week: $308, sponsor me for one month: $1,333 or donate frequent flier miles for flights.

By check: send a check to 
P.O. Box 130611
Houston, TX 77219-0611

(write my name in the memo portion of the check)

You can either donate monthly and type Stephanie Woody in the Intern Section
You can click on Intern support
After you type in the amount you would like to donate, there will be a button that says
“Name of Intern” – click on that button and type Stephanie Woody

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