My Support Letter.

It was almost two years ago that I left the country for a year. I was committed for 11 months to be a voice for the Lord to many nations as I traveled around the world. What I saw and experienced in those 11 months has changed who I am for forever. From the insight of another world racer…


“I’ll never be able to shake the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve experienced, the things that the Lord has told me about himself and what that means for me; what It means for everyone.
I don’t want to shake those things, I want more of them, they cause eruptions inside of me; eruptions of clarity, eruptions of confidence, eruptions of feeling like I am in exactly the right place at exactly the right time doing exactly what I was made to do.  Simply put, they are eruptions of purpose.  And these things are very much the point of it all: purpose, and what the Lord means for everyone.  When these two things collide, reuniting as the original intention of Life, the forging of a union occurs on an eternal scale…

It’s something greater, something beyond all that we can understand.  Only a soul perceives a soul and only from a higher perspective can something bigger than yourself be perceived.  We were made for something greater than ourselves! Hallelujah! Our bodies are vessels to ford a river with persistence, with hope, and in faith to find the other side that the “greater” thing inside us has told us is there, even though we won’t see it until we have arrived.”


So this is it again. You’ve helped support me. You have followed me around the world and read every word. You’ve sent me many encouraging emails and comments. And You have prayed endlessly for me. This has meant the world to me.

The passion God has given me hasn’t stopped. It is running at full force. There is still so much of a story to tell -The Gospel- and we have been given the authority to be a catalyst of change. When we make God’s domain more about HIM and less of ourselves we have succeeded in the mission of building His Kingdom. On the race I saw and experienced lots of things- things I can’t explain, but things I can change through the power of God. Even since being home even, my eyes have been opened in Dallas alone. We can make a difference. We are commanded to prepare earth by being God’s representatives and this is exactly why I feel called to a leadership academy located in Spain called G42. Jesus is pulling on my heart even harder this time and this is me jumping off that cliff again…

Image^^prophetic art by one of my world race teamamates given to me our last week out on the field^^


[ So what exactly IS G42 you ask? ]
G42 is a network of Christ-followers with the mission to plant churches, businesses, & ministries to spread the Kingdom of God around the world-to inspire and develop leaders who are passionate about giving their lives to the Message of Christ (click here for the website)

Basically, I will be moving to Spain come July for 6 months to be discipled, equipped and trained, while living in authentic community all the while discovering even more who I am in Christ and using that freedom to make an impact in the world. This is a school that will mentor and develop the dreams that are being sprung forth in my life. The program would not end after 6 months. It would only be the beginning of a lifetime of ministry God has called me into.

Your donations would not be “sending me to school,” but instead your money would be going toward seeing dreams become a reality here in America and overseas…

-rescuing prostitutes and shutting down brothels
-pulling people out of lives addicted to alcohol and drugs
-seeing Haiti restored
-instilling into the young generation like me the desire and fire to spread the kingdom where it doesn’t exist.
-to help others learn THE TRUTH. that the Bible is the truth. that healing IS possible. that we can overcome our slavery to our sin. and that we can experience true freedom and love because the power of Christ is in us.

This is why I am writing you. To ask you all to JOIN ME again. Partner with me. I need YOUR help to continue this story because I can’t do it without you. To help add to God’s story so I can in return help add to yours and be a part of your lives as much as you have been an influence to mine.


[ This is what I need: Prayer and Money. ]
Please pray for me to clearly see God’s vision of my life during and after G42. Pray for my heart going into Spain that I will leave with a way of impacting the nations for Jesus. You can also pray for my funding.


[ How you can donate: ]
I need to raise a total of $6,300 for the whole program (this includes my room and board and food). God has already provided for my plane ticket so BIG shout out to Him!!

That’s for 26 weeks.
182 days.

**You can donate 1 of 2 ways**

By check: send a check to
P.O. Box 130611
Houston, TX 77219-0611

(write my name in the memo portion of the check)



click on Intern support
(You can either make a one time donation or donate monthly)
After you type in the amount you would like to donate and it asks you you to review and confirm then on the next page there will be a button that says “Name of Intern” – click on that button and type Stephanie Woody

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