the GIMME FIVE challenge!!

Friends. Family… I am challenging you all to a social media er challenge!!!

I need to raise $4,700 in just 5 short weeks.
(just in this week alone God has already provided $800!!!!)

so here is my idea…

***If all of my Facebook friends donated just $5, I would be fully funded***

that is crazy to think. I am challenging you all to give up something that cost you $5, that is it.
and send it over to G42 instead.

instead of:
-a cup of coffee
-fast food for lunch
-a lottery ticket
-a glass of wine
-that cupcake you know you shouldn’t eat!
-a pack of gum

your $5 would be going toward:
-His Kingdom
-instilling into the young generation the desire and fire to spread the kingdom where it doesn’t exist.
-kids on the streets of Africa
-the poor and lost who don’t know who Jesus is

-seeing Haiti restored
-fighting to stop sex trafficking
-spreading the Gospel to the nations and in the states!

you get my point. SO LETS DO THIS. Come on Facebook world, lets let God shine through us and show us how He can and will provide!!!! Thank you all! I know we can do it.


**You can donate 3 ways**
1. You can literally give me 5 dollars or a personal check when you see me!
I promise I’ll send the total over to G42.

2. You can write G42 a check, please send to…
P.O. Box 130611
Houston, TX 77219-0611
(write my name in the memo portion of the check)

You can either donate monthly and type Stephanie Woody in the Intern Section
You can click on Intern support
After you type in the amount you would like to donate, there will be a button that says
“Name of Intern” – click on that button and type Stephanie Woody

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