Well I made it guys and my bags too :] travel went very smoothly, it is super weird to travel that far alone though… no one you know to talk too or watch your bags for you when you need to go to the bathroom. The day I got here we just got all settled in. There is 2 houses of interns. I am in a house/villa with 9 other interns. I share a bunk with Christal who is from North Carolina and she loves cats too!! yay! Here is our room:

^ and the view from our balcony ^

^ our kitchen area ^

Last time I lived with people I was on the race so I’ve noticed I keep having the same mind set. Only this time we can drink the water from the faucet and eat healthy foods ha! I actually have a closet for my clothes and a running toilet, however we do still have to throw our toilet paper in the trash can.

The only thing I love about Texas heat is it has prepared me for everywhere else in the world, ha. It is HOT here, and we have no AC, BUT it isn’t humid so you can go to the shade and be cool. It is almost perfect weather! Classes start for us on Monday and I can’t wait to see what God has in store. So far we have just got to know the little city we live in, went to the beach near by, got to know the staff and their families and went to a wine and jazz festival. I am definitely blessed to be here. Anyone is welcome to come visit me as well!! OH and I have seen two kitties so far :]


^ the G42 classroom in walking distance to where we live ^

^ view of the Mediterranean Sea from nearby ^

^ our adorable street, reminds me of Prague ^

and pics from the Madrid airport below…

4 thoughts on “Espana!

  1. It was great talking to you this morning. Thanks for posting all the pictures. It looks beautiful there. I hope we get to come visit. Keep us posted on everything. I am so proud of you. I know God has great plans for you. Love, Mom

  2. Love it Woody! I’m so excited for you and cannot wait to hear about what the Lord stirs and awakens within you. Enjoy the love and pursuit of the Lord in Espana!!!

  3. I love it woody! It looks beautiful! I\’m so glad your roommate likes cats too! :]

    Throwing toilet paper in the toilet is a rare commodity! Wine and jazz festival? Neat-o! Keep posting about your journey and pictures

    I might just take you on that offer to come visit!

    Can\’t wait to hear about what you\’re learning and the ministry you get to take part in.

    Lots of prayers + love + meows from afar,


  4. I don’t know if I have expressed it enough, but I am so jealous that you’re where my heart is! Goodness I love Spain! I’m praying for you, for those you meet, and for those you’ll counsel while you’re there – and I know you will because light draws those in need toward it. I SO wish I could come visit you. Please mail me some gluten free baguettes, thanks!

    LOVE! Alexis

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