im having a love affair.

What does a typical day at G42 look like?

Well, we usually wake up around 8 or 9 depending on the day. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I teach an English class to two adults for an hour before our own classes begin. I have only done it one week so far, but it is going really well and I am learning more Spanish too!

We have class from 10-12 and then a break for lunch. We come back to class until 4-ish. The teachers switch out every week or so, some live here with their families in Mijas. Some live here with out their families, and some travel in just for a week or so. The teachers are from all over: America, England and Holland to name a few.

Sometimes we have class in the room and then sometimes (like today) we hike up the mountain for a beautiful view of God’s creation to have class (see below!). After class it is free time to meet people for one-on-ones, cook dinner (if it is your week to do so), exercise, work on assignments, play futbol with the locals- the typical school life back home.

Only here we are living in community. We each have different duties for the house each week. We have class M-Th and then Friday is cleaning and grocery day. The grocery shopping takes a good 3-4 hours to complete. One, because it is in another town and two because it is usually 2 people shopping on a budget for 10+ people for a whole week- talk about being stressed! I now know how moms feel, ha.

There are definitely worse places to live than Spain. What all have I been learning? Well this is a little more complicated to answer. First, to say I know I am right where God wants me is an understatement. The thought of how I am even more walking into who I am in the Lord excites me! I have been challenged and stretched a lot in only a month. Another intern here and my friend, Steve, explained the learning here at G42 to the point exactly…

“no matter how great the actual institution is there is something better than the classroom. I am surrounded by incredible men and women of God who have given us complete access to their lives. People who have had their shares of victories and struggles and encourage us to start from there. They give us their keys so that we are able to fight for new ones. In my own opinion, the time I get to spend them is the most valuable thing that G42 has to offer. It’s not limited to the classroom. We’re able to talk life around the dinner table, at the beach or even in a pub. We can sit in their company in complete silence and be confident knowing that they’re depositing something in us.”

My time spent with the families, kids and other interns here is harder to put into words right now, but in a more practical sense I wanted to share a couple of main points from class last week. Some of this may be repetitive from my last blog, but it is too good to not repeat.


1. This is a love affair. stop trying to love God and just let God love you. We were born to be loved by Him and once we truly accept this and stop doing things for His acceptance, loving Him back becomes true to the heart. it becomes real.

2. God doesn’t need us. He chose to need us. to fulfill His divine appointments on earth. We ARE God with skin on. I am the only Woody in this world- the only one like myself. He did not create us just so we could get to Heaven- that is not our purpose. Heaven is a gift, a benefit. The point of our lives is to bring His kingdom down here to Earth. He wants us to fight. to fight for our inheritance.

How do we fight for this? Well He is in us. The exact same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead is living in us. The exact same Spirit that impregnated Mary is living in us. Man this is powerful if you chose to believe it. if you chose to walk it out.

[ 1 Corinthians 3:16 ] “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?”

3. Jesus we get for free, but Christ will cost us everything. When we chose Christ- God didn’t just adopt us, He became our Father. Will not just believing (being), but actually following (doing) cost us? Yes of course. look what it cost God- His one and only Son. Is it worth it? totally. because in the end we gain so much more. God wants us to claim our promise. He wants us to run with passion for His glory. Satan is not intimidated by nice Christians who are going to Heaven. Satan is terrified by those of us who show up for battle. Those of us with big dreams that we are pursuing. Those of us who show up for our lives. Those of us who walk out what it means to truly be like Christ. Maybe I am coming off harsh, but this is nothing to play around with. Wake up! Get going! and be the change you want to see in this world!!

4. The Kingdom of God IS within reach. We just have to go get it. Press into Him. more and more and more. Take up the family business- God’s inheritance! We cannot live off of our emotions or our circumstances alone. God did not intend for us too. He has greatness for us. He promises to shower us with blessings when we turn to His ways. We were not called to understand anything about Him except that HE IS GOOD.

so lets go get our inheritance friends! lets go save Africa! America! Haiti! With God we can move mountains.

Love. Loves.

One thought on “im having a love affair.

  1. Beautiful words every time. I am so encouraged by the journey you are on Woody. It is so clear to see you are right in the middle of God’s will for you which is so beautiful and precious. Continue to bask in His goodness. You have teams of people praying for you sweet girl.

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