the 27 project.

Meet Stacey and Soulee.

Stacey is a fellow Texan and one of my good friend from when I was on The World Race. She is also studying here is Spain with me at G42.

Here is Stacey’s story of Soulee…

“Soulee is a young girl that lives in Cambodia; she spends her time begging on the streets of Siem Reap. At night, there’s no doubt that she is approached by men that want much more than to assist in feeding her family. 

When I met her, she looked me in the eyes and asked me how I could see all of the women and children on the streets of Cambodia and help just one, while ignoring the others. Well Soulee, I took your question to heart.”


What is the The 27 Project?

At only 25, Stacey has started The 27 Project. It is an anti-human trafficking organization whose purpose is to raise awareness in the United States through running events in all 50 states; these running events will connect YOU, the participant, with the necessary knowledge to join the fight against human trafficking. The funds raised through these events will be distributed to orphanages in Cambodia, Thailand, and Honduras.

Why 27?
There are approximately 27 million victims of modern day slavery today across the globe and there are an estimated 184 countries affected by human trafficking.

How can you help?
1. First and foremost we need help in spreading the word. Getting The 27 Project name out there. Tell your family and friends. Re-post on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter!

2. Secondly, we believe everyone has a voice that should be heard. The time for you to use your voice is now. For the 27 million who don’t have the ability or resources to use their own voices. We’re asking that you speak for them by skipping fast food, Starbucks, or whatever your vice is twice this week and donate that money to our cause.

*They are in need of 1,000 people that are willing to donate $10 in order to BEGIN organizing races and start this movement of change*

>>>you can donate HERE through an indiegogo campaign<<<

3. annnd you can also host a running event! For this please contact Stacey at

Together we have the ability to drastically change the lives of children just like Soulee.

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