wrecked by love.

This week of class has been somewhat different with all of us students teaching. We have also been talking about life messages- something you so strongly believe in, that you will tell anyone you meet. For example, (on a small scale)… once you meet me you know how much I love cats. this is a fact.

So Dave asked us to think of something or some message that has wrecked us and tell someone about it either through email, in person or on a blog. There are lots of things that I can think of that have wrecked me… seeing poverty all over the world, going through break ups, surviving a car accident and there is mas. However, during my time so far in Spain and this week especially I have been wrecked by something not quite as shocking or profound even, but much more significant.

that is community.

I use to think community was just people located in the same city who shared common interests. you know like growing up when we went to the community pool or the community library. I never even really used the word community in my vocabulary until I started going to church 3 years ago.

Then I use to think community was only for doing Bible studies and discipling each other. For only those in the church. Then, I met my friends in the jail and they become my friends.

True community is so much more.

it is simply to love. it is a choice. it is about doing life together. being support for each other. giving and receiving. connecting people and dreams. commitment. trust. living together. eating dinner together. laughing together. crying together.

the more I press into figuring out my next step in life, the more I am realizing I honestly would go wherever the Lord needs me. even if that means leaving my cats for a 3rd time :/ but more importantly I desire community. we all enjoy having people in our lives to push us, affirm us and encourage us of course and to be there for us when we are down. people who love us when we make mistakes and people who also celebrate who you are- people who complement us.

These past 3 months my G42 family has been that for me. I have been wrecked even more, I can never go back to life without community. I thrive in it. It is what truly keeps me full of joy. full of life. and the fact that I still have lots of areas to work on and improve in myself when it comes to doing life together.

Lately a couple of people have been on my heart. people who God has placed in my life who just leave me in awe of who they are and I want to brag on them. a way of saying thanks for being so awesome.


One of my best friends back in Texas lives about 2 hours away from me so I don’t get to see her all the time. Her and her husband have a love for the Lord like I have never seen up close in a couple. They don’t just love people, they give their lives for them. They had to “give up” what they thought was a sure calling on their life because their sweet baby came into the world :] of course she ended up being a HUGE adorable joy and a blessing! Shortly after, Brooke lost her dear grandmother so Brooke and her husband and their new baby moved in with her grandfather. She doesn’t have mission stories from around the world, she doesn’t have a home to call her and her husband’s their own- to decorate and host people. She had to even give up her job teaching for a little bit. but you know what- she has family. love. a huge heart for serving her grandfather and her family. she has ladies she disciples through fitness and the Lord- how fun?! and she has a smile and a hug I really miss. she probably isn’t living her ideal dream married life, but I can guarantee you she is living a life full of love and full of Jesus. annnd today is her BIRTHDAY!!! :]


Here in Spain I have been teaching English. Guillermo is more than just a student to me. He has become my dear dear friend. Even though we can’t fully communicate with each other I can see his servant heart. He is always inviting and driving us interns places with the locals. He has a determination to learn more and more about God. He truly loves the Lord when most of his country doesn’t. He has a passion. He is lit by the love of God. The other day he said he loved being friends with people who have a passion to change the world because it has changed his… well my friend, same to you!!


My good friend here Stacey has a way of being honest with me. She speaks truth. She is to the point, even if it hurts and sucks to hear. My other friend, second mom and one of the G42 teachers Bec is the same way. They are women of integrity. Women who don’t just talk, but walk the walk. They live by their words. The love out of truth and from their hearts. They are determined to do whatever it takes to follow the Lord. They are not just women I look up to, but friends I love and know will always be there for me :]


These are only a few people who have touched my life, I have so many more. I just sit here blessed. smiling and in love with the community God has blessed me with for the past 3 years. Between Watermark, The World Race and here at G42 the Lord has beyond shown His favor to me. It hasn’t been easy, but it has all been worth it. every person. every tear. every life who has touched mine had been worth the love.

It has wrecked me. It has shaped me to be who I am. I have learned there is not much I need in life. I just want to continue to point people to God and to love. If I can do that then I have lived a full life.

Love. Love.




2 thoughts on “wrecked by love.

  1. you’re amazing, woody. i’m so blessed to know you. seeing you continue to push into the Lord and in what He’s asked of you is so encouraging so thanks for being in my life, and sharing what’s on your heart. love you!

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