Join a Movement.

^^ My G42 family at our Spanish Thanksgiving dinner ^^

It’s 2AM in Mijas right now and I woke myself up coughing- you see my allergies do not like Spain very much. at all. no bueno. But since I am up the good news is I have time to write the thoughts that have been stirring up inside of me lately.

I only have 3 weeks left here. Man did 6 months go by SO fast. crazy.

When I went home for my Dad’s funeral last month I wasn’t looking forward to it- for obvious reason yes, but also because I didn’t want to leave my G42 family here in Spain. I didn’t want to walk through my dad’s death “alone”. Before I even left Spain however, I saw my home church do more than step-up for me. A group of girls from Watermark reached out to me and asked me if they could throw me a fundraiser to help out with the funeral and travel expenses and for my remaining time here at G42.

I was overwhelmed. beyond blessed. they had no idea- words can’t even explain it now.

I saw the church BE the church for me. Not only did I raise enough funds for the rest of my time here, but even extra for travel costs. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it, all from the hearts of friends. God knew all along. While in Dallas I had a couple of people ask me if I was going to have a night once I got home explaining what all I have learned here.

Ha, I wish I could put it all into words, but it has been so much and so much of it has been outside of the classroom. There is freedom and fire here. There is love here. There is laughter. There is confidence in our identities. I’m going to miss listening to Freddie teach while wearing his shirt that says “If found please return to the pub”… haha. yup, that is one of my awesome teachers.

LIFE is spoken here… from teachers who say things like “when the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future” and “either all of this good news about Jesus is true or I’m smoking dope” ahhh it makes me smile. it makes my bones fill with a fire. it makes me what to go out and conquer the world and continue a movement.

A movement about covenant and using your voice. A movement of purpose. A movement of acceptance. God never makes someone without a purpose. What is yours? I urge you to find it. Sure, God can find someone else to help Him, but what if He wants YOU… stop fighting Him. Take a risk. Crazy things can happen when people risk… big beautiful things, as well as difficult, terrifying things and that’s why it’s a risk.

A common question we get asked here is when was the last time you did something for the first time?

It could be big or simple. For me, today I cooked enchiladas for the house- I’ve never done that before. simple. However, last week I got to spend the whole week with my mama. She for the first time was in my environment. She got to experience the presence of God in new ways, she was surrounded by His love. that was big. it was a blessing!

^^ My mama and I on Thanksgiving here in Spain ^^

I’ve learned even more that one key to becoming a leader is to BE a servant first. Think of it this way, every house has a builder right? and the condition of the house tells us about that builder- yeah? So since we are the church and Jesus is our builder then there is absolutely no way we can fail… think about it :] that leaves me pretty dang hopeful.

From glory to glory, strength to strength, favor to favor- it’s not only an honor
that the Lord lets us make choices, He trusts us too. [ Psalm 84 ]

One thought on “Join a Movement.

  1. “it makes my bones fill with a fire. it makes me what to go out and conquer the world and continue a movement.”
    That fills my bones with fire Wood! You are conquering the world!

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