I wrote this my last day in Spain, but I’m just now getting around to posting it…


Current location: It’s 8:00AM and I am sitting in the Malaga airport waiting to board my flight to Madrid back home.
Current mood: at peace : ) 
Song I’m listening to:Love Song” by The Helser’s
Current conquered fear: That missing my family in Spain will be harder than I think.
1 thing God has reminded me today: That life is about giving. It is about people. and it is sweet.

I have been in this airport many times, so I don’t feel as if I am leaving and not coming back this time around. Spain has become another home to me- I know where to catch the bus, I know where to find the best sales and the stores we don’t have in America and the secret yummy restaurants tourist don’t know about.


It is 2 days till Christmas and yesterday I spent my last day taking a nap on the beach in my converse! ^^ I couldn’t have asked for a better last day. Only in Southern Spain. There is something different about life here. Something peaceful. Something that makes the small little cobblestone roads of Mijas home.

It’s the people. The community. The language. The cafe con leche.

I am going to miss Spain a lot. My soul is at peace here. When it came time to make a plan of what my next steps were to be honest I wanted to stay here. There was a need for English teachers and more hands on help with G42. A need that I knew I would love to help serve. However, I also knew I had responsibilities back home – like paying off student debt and my family – that I needed to do first. So home is where I decided to head back to.

At first when I made the decision I envisioned myself the day it came to leave- sitting on my suitcase with my hands crossed, pouting like a 2 year old, not wanting to budge. But this morning as I was finishing packing I had peace about leaving. I realized what if my heart isn’t at peace because of my environment, but because of the change that has happened in me over the past 6 months?

I know this is it.

I know I am not going back the same person I came as. My family at G42 choose to invest in me and because of their sacrifices and love I have grown tremendously. Every New Year year I look and I think how could the next year get harder? or better? How can I possible be stretched more… but it does! because God is just that good.


So what’s next?

First: I am going to celebrate the holidays with my family and just relax and get over jet lag.

Second: The plan is to find a job asap so I can start paying off more of my students loans.

Third: I’m going to also be getting a professional design website up and out there to do more freelance work.

Most importantly: I will be helping my good friend Stacey (who I have mentioned before here) continue to help jump start the non-profit she has started called the27project. I basically am going to be her second hand man doing whatever is needed. For those of you who don’t know what the27project is click here.

^^The website officially became live about two weeks ago^^ We’ve been working on the design and coding for a good 3 months now so this was a HUGE step!!!!! There has been a lot of progress, but there is still a lot more to be done. More momentum. More movement forward. The hard part is going to be balancing this with a job that pays ha, but I know the Lord will provide if I put in the effort.

After the first race our 2nd and 3rd races will be in the East. Sooooo the plan is to move to Charlotte, North Carolina sometime in June or July at the latest!!!! Yepp, you heard me. Crazy to think that I won’t be living in Texas, but still in the states. There are four girls who were at G42 with me the whole 6 months and so we’re going to start community there! This will allow Stacey and I too to be close to the next 2 races for the planning stages.

I’m beyond excited for the adventures that lay ahead. They are not the plans I thought I would be leaving with when I first came to Spain, but I love that they are small, but yet oh so big.


***HAPPY 2013 Y’ALL***

2 thoughts on “HAPPY 2013 YALL

  1. Wow!!! So many exciting updates!!! I cant wait to sit down and chat With you and drink up some of your wisdom! Moving to nc?!! Awesome!!!! Let me know when you’re free to get together

    Tara C Kirk Copywriter m: 214-356-7066 o: 214-891-5363

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