a 27project UPdate!

Hello 27 supporters : )


Happy 2013! Stacey and I are stoked about what this year is going to bring for The27project. Her vision is finally gaining momentum!! Movement forward is exciting- scary but OH SO good!!! If this is new to you read about what we are here.

We wanted to update you all on what has been going on since being home from G42. Last week, we had a meeting in Austin with the events company that is helping us with the road closers, getting the city permits, hiring the police to direct traffic, finding entertainment for after the race and all those other fun things… like porta potties ha.

We got a semi-official date set too! The very first 27project race will be on May 4th in Waco, TX. Wahoo!!!! I say semi-official because it is still tentative. We will be confirming this within the next 2 weeks. We are just waiting on last minute paper work that is being approved by the city and once it is we will be able to open up registration. So be on the look out for another blog about this. Stace has been working hard on these logistics!

Stace, her sister and I have lots of work ahead of us. We have been contacting churches in Waco, Baylor and the other local colleges to see if we can arrange speaking engagements to help get the word out, we have designed posters, flyers, business cards and postcards to pass out at other marathon races and to mail to our supporters. There are anti-trafficking events coming up that we are trying to set booths up at annnd also our biggest hurdle will be finding sponsors to be donators for this cause. We are going to begin tackling this next week by going door to door basically and asking for sponsorships. We also have been contacting organizations we know of overseas so we can decide where the money raised will be going to.

This is just some of the things to name a few : ) whew.

We have also begun training ourselves. I can’t speak for Stace on this, but man it is hard! Running is not my thing. whatsoever. I get bored and on top of the fact I have allergies and the lungs of an 80 year old ha. The other day I was able to do 3 miles straight for the first time. yay! so yeah I have a long ways to go to get to a half marathon BUT we also have 15 weeks left. I share this to encourage you all!! There is something freeing about trying to accomplish something that seems pretty much impossible. So join us : ) Here is the training schedule we are following!


Thank you all for the many Waco connections you have already given us- any little bit helps us get our foot in the door. We couldn’t be doing this without the support of our family and friends and you guys believing in the27project. THANK YOU.


Here are more ways you can continue to help…

1. Prayer! This isn’t cliche, it is much needed. Not only for the race in Waco, but as we begin to plan two more races come the fall in TN and NC!! Prayer also for getting our registration up and running- it has been kind of confusing finding the right website to help us do this without them taking too much of the profit.

2. Use your voice! Help us get the word out- anyway you can. This is the easiest way to help and one of the most effective ways it benefits us.

3. Volunteer! If you have any free time and would like to help us out there is definitely something we can find for you all to do. Email Stace at info@the27project.org or you can email me directly at sswoody@me.com.

4. Donate! We aren’t going to sugarcoat this… we need money. The start of any non-profit does and especially for this first race- every small thing adds up. Are you willing to host a garage sale or a bake sale orrrr did you get a bonus at work you don’t know what to do with!?


I recently read on a blog that…indifference can not last in the presence of the needy. so true. While we may feel overwhelmed and while this dream may seem too big. We know it is not. Stacey and I believe in this and we are fighting for it! This year might be overwhelming, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. I said it in my last blog from a friend and I am going to quote it again: “When things are overwhelming it only means that there is an abundance.

God is overwhelming. He brings order. He brings life. He brings an abundance of HOPE.

:: the other day, Stace heard someone say that a human traffickers greatest weapon is hope. So here’s to dedicating each day to bringing hope as a solution, rather than giving credit to those that use hope as an entrapment! ::

Speak to the hope. I am the voice. You are the voice. WE are the voice.


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