I don’t know if it was because Obama was on the TV all day or what, but today this word has been on my mind.


^^ and this just makes me laugh ^^

Change has been a constant theme between Jesus and me ever since I chose to follow Him. I feel like I am in consistent transition mode. It is like I am playing Grand Theft Auto and my car is constantly having to go to the paint shop- only I’m not on the run from the cops, ha.

Change is good, this I know. But man can it be scary.

As you all know I recently just moved back from Spain (you can read all about why I was there and what I learned in my blogs here). I also recently experienced the death of my father – someone who can’t be replaced by anyone. Just yesterday I had to say “see you later” to one of my best friends who moved back home to take care of her sick mother. My other best friend and I are working on her non-profit full time for free while at the same time trying to pay off loans and not live at home for forever. That is just to name a few. And I know there will be more change to come just within the next couple of months.

Big dreams. Big changes. They go hand in hand.

I was thinking the other day how when change hits us – good or bad – miracles or tragedy – we don’t just gain/lose a person or thing, but we gain/lose the way we see the world. Our outlook on life changes…

The way we have conditioned ourselves to think, believe and behave get disrupted. sometimes this is hard to process and sometimes this is easy, either way it is a good thing. Why? We’re not called to live comfortable lives. Jesus never did stay in one place for a long period of time. We are made to continue to grow and love and be pushed. lots of time beyond what we think we can handle.

Yesterday, I got to witness 10 or so people get baptized. all ages. all races. all backgrounds. From an adorable 7 year old girl who knew she was choosing to die to herself, to an older woman raised in Singapore and born into a Buddhist culture, to a man – my age – who had been struggling with pornography for 8 years and to a whole family choosing to embrace change together. all shapes. all sizes. all equal. all who Jesus had touched in some way or another. all who experienced a shift in their hearts. all who felt Jesus tell them He was the only way to overcome. Baptism represents this change. Yesterday, I heard it explained this way…

There are two dogs living inside of us. One is a good dog, the other a bad dog. Both we try and feed, but we no longer need to feed the bad dog because he is no longer alive. He is dead. Why feed something that is dead?

When we choose Jesus, we are being renewed… changed. Is this an instantaneous switch?

absolutely not. I wish it was, I think following Jesus would be easier. Buuuut then I don’t wish that because easier doesn’t always mean better- something worth having is worth putting up a fight for.

Think of it this way. In order for a seed to grow it first must be dead- yeah? Then it has to be buried and rooted and grounded in the soil. Then there is a process and system of watering and feeding that seed for it to grow. Not all seed make it.

It is a process. Change is a process. Following Jesus is a life long process.

Our past was a process leading up to a choice. The choice itself was not a process.
It is a choice to follow Jesus.
It is not always a choice when our circumstances change.
BUT it is a choice on how we process that change.

Jesus chose to keep on walking. Keep on moving. Keep on fighting. He chose the adventure. For the past 2 years Jesus has been teaching me to embrace change, so now when it comes I have learned that even though it may be terrifying or something I don’t even desire, it is good. It grows me. It shapes me. It transforms me to become more like Him.

I hope that no matter what change you are going through, good or bad… just know that if you keep your eye on Him it will all be okay. Hakuna Matata : )



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