Today, Stace and I were on the Baylor campus all day! We had set up a booth to continue to get the word out on the27project. It was odd being back on a campus… I definitely realized the difference between college and the real world today even more, ha. We spent the afternoon going row to row placing our business cards in the windows of cars. yupp. we were those annoying people. classy I know, BUT we knew it would be effective.

We’re praying the Lord’s favor over the27project today – that Baylor helps us to spread the word on who we are like wild fires. C’mon Jesus!!!! : ) A lot of great movements start on colleges, yeah?!

Other quick updates:

-This past weekend in Clifton we held a spaghetti dinner that raised $2,400!! Wahoo!
-The race info is now updated and on our website!
-By the end of the week we will be launching the race registration officially, which is HUGE!! Now, we can hit it hard on getting sponsors.
-We also have set/found our featured international charity! Info on this will be on my next blog update : )


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