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Welp, here we are a week and a half after our first Jog For Justice Race. It is crazy how a year and half of visions and 5 months of hands on planning can go by in 5 quick hours. The weekend was such a sweet success!! Not only did we get to see old faces and celebrate new ones, we were able to join in the fight against Human Trafficking together!

We ended up having over our goal of participants, around 315! Because of this, just through registration alone we were able to raise $7,000!!!!! We gave $2,000 to the local anti-trafficking organizations and $5,000 to Educate Nica! We even had one woman run with us who had been a victim of trafficking in her past, what an amazing story that she could join us! This was above and beyond great for our first time. It didn’t surprise us though, because we know God shows up BIG. always.

So THANK YOU all for your support and prayers. Here are some photos I wanted to share to those of you who joined us in this fight, but couldn’t be there physically with us last weekend :]



^ the Start and Finish line ^


^ the 27K runners are off ^


^ 5K runners ^



^ 1 mile ^


^ our youngest participant, too cute! ^


^ before we ran the 16.8 miles the weekend before, love this family ^





^ SO proud of our participants! ^


^ WR family ^


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